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Inside Copenhagen’s Fast Techno Scene

"I love introducing sceptical friends to the fast techno we have in Copenhagen. Sometimes it takes one or two parties to happen, but every time there comes a moment when you can see it split in their body like a virus. And then they're hooked."


Rubadub: 25 years later

‘Rubadub became a touchstone in the techno world almost from the moment Martin McKay, a man with a sharp eye for the bottom line and a knack for one-liners, opened the doors at the store's first location, in the town of Paisley, on August 10th, 1992. Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Andrew Weatherall and John Acquaviva were early fans of the shop, among a list of people who would regularly make the ten-mile trip west of Glasgow to visit whenever they were in Scotland.’


highlife: globally inspired

‘“They are equally happy to play a raucous cumbia party in Santiago or a thumping set at Panorama Bar. In terms of the club night, just a quick look through their previous guests, both as Highlife and Huntleys & Palmers, is enough to give anyone inspiration to push boundaries and think beyond borders.”’



“When we came back to Tbilisi 20 policemen were waiting to arrest us at the airport. They told us they were searching for drugs. They checked our luggage and found nothing. Then they checked our bodies and found nothing. Then they took us to a hospital to have MRI scans to try to find drugs hidden in our bodies, and found nothing. We were in the hospital for 10 hours. Eventually a doctor told me that they were about to take me to the police department to do a urine test, and said that I should escape from the hospital.”


‘creatively Insulting’: Neil Landstrumm on Tresor’s deletion of its own history

“Tresor has an archive of some of the greatest techno records ever released but they’ve completely mismanaged their legacy. Recently they’ve defaulted to this very safe, tired, Detroit-based ‘origins of techno’ image that’s very saleable but is also incredibly boring and formulaic.”

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The nights that dreams
are made of: An Optimo
oral history

‘Living in NYC I had always wished I was around for the Paradise Garage or The Loft parties but looking back, although it was in Glasgow and not NYC, I had Optimo. For me it was and still is the greatest party in the world.’

Green Door Studio.jpg

The Green Door Studio: Live from Glasgow

‘The Green Door Studio, a tiny, (almost) all-analogue recording space in Finnieston in the city's west end, has in just a few years arguably become Glasgow's foremost hub for music creation‘