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Alternative city breaks: Malmö

“Malmo is easy to live in as it’s affordable – and that means you can find people to collaborate with easily. In Stockholm most of the things that make that city vibrant are a trend but in Malmo people are super-real and that’s what I love about the place.”


Jazz, fire and fairy chimneys in cappadocia

‘If you haven't consciously seen photographs of Cappadocia’s pastel-hued valleys, “fairy chimneys” and other rock formations of the area or the daily wonder of hundreds of hot air balloons drifting together overhead at sunrise, you almost certainly have without realising it.’


A local’s guide to
Kadikoy-moda, Istanbul

‘Over the past few years, Kadikoy-Moda has become an unlikely hotspot for cutting-edge bars, art and culture hubs, cafes and music venues, as well as a haven for plugged-in, liberal-minded people opposed to Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian political climate.’


music in europe: utrecht

"We live in the shadow of Amsterdam and we always will, but we like it that way, and I think the feeling that we have to fight a bit against our big brother has actually been great for the spirit of the place recently."

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Georgia on our mind, and not the American one

‘Tskaltubo Spa Resort is a grand series of dazzlingly white, colonnaded buildings and Instagram-ready fountains in an area of nationally renowned healing Radon waters. In its previous incarnation this was where Stalin – that guy again – came to take the weight off during his reign.’


Culture, clubbing and chaos in Beirut

‘Beirut’s clubs also act as a sanctuary for LGBTQ people in a city where holding hands on the wrong street can still lead to harassment or even arrest. Sexual activity that is “against nature” is still banned in Lebanon but new strides are being made almost constantly.’