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Romania protests: Inside the European parliament where the government could collapse at any moment

‘The eye of the storm: Kit Macdonald meets opposition figures inside the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, where anti-government protests have raged outside for nine straight days and no one knows what will happen next.’


Happy Birthday Nintendo GameBoy, But You're Responsible For The Worst Album Ever

‘This track is a haunting duet with Kate Bush, inspired by a heartbreaking photograph of a depression-era family in the American dust bowl. Ah no, sorry, I'm thinking of Don't Give Up. Sometimes my brain clicks into a kind of "survival mode" when I have to listen to the world's most boring robot reciting the phone book in Morse code.’


Creative Bucharest: inside the art hubs, bars and collectives reimagining the city

‘Casa Jurnalistului is now a thriving community of journalists specialising in long-form pieces on social issues in the region: superbly researched and written stories on fracking, horrific medical malpractice and Romania’s “sewer children” have rightly garnered international attention.’


Bucharest fights back: Romania’s protests have died down, but these citizens are still on the march

‘The breaking-news ticker announced that the liberal billionaire George Soros had deployed a weather machine in Bucharest to disrupt the pro-government counter-protest. I laughed uproariously at what I assumed was a sharp piece of Photoshop satire, but I was met with incredulity. “Of course it isn’t Photoshopped,” my friends patiently explained. “It’s real, they broadcast this kind of thing on a daily basis.”’